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“Awesome Yoga Studio.

When I moved to San Francisco about two years ago, I had zero interest in becoming a ‘yoga person.’ Yoga was not even on my radar until my doctor recommended I try it out to deal with pandemic stress. After about six months at this studio, I still LOVE it.

After my first class, I felt more grounded and relaxed than I had felt in about six months. I never thought that moving around in so many ways (and sometimes trying to contort yourself like a pretzel) could be so effective at getting me out of my head. I also realized there is no such thing as a ‘yoga person.’ People from all walks of life show up to class, no one judges you for being new, and everyone is pretty friendly. Now I am a full-on yogi and go almost every week.

As far as the studio itself, all of the staff are super welcoming, and everyone seems very happy to be there. The building has an old-timey San Francisco charm, cool lights, and a solid sound system. Each teacher has a passion for what they do and a slightly different style for running their class, making for an exciting variety of workouts.

ALL the teachers are great.

If you like yoga, go to this studio. If you haven’t tried yoga, do it here.” – Byron C.

Byron C.

“I’ve never been great about exercising and got even worse through the pandemic. I finally decided to make a change and give Yoga Flow a shot. It was such a good decision. Everyone there is just super nice, staff and customers alike. It’s a clean and very relaxed space. I feel so comfortable coming there for yoga. I definitely intend to keep going back”. – Jackie S.

Jackie S

“I love this studio so much! It’s close to where I live, there is always parking, it’s so spacious, the instructors know what they’re doing, and the community is diverse and magical. I don’t have kids but I can only imagine how helpful the childcare is to yogi parents”. – Kim L.

Kim L.