Steven and Kathleen Holm are the founders of Yoga Flow SF. What began as a dance at Burning Man in 1998 has blossomed into an app company, four yoga studios and three children: Shawn T. Holm, Seeta Holm and Bodhi Holm. Steven has been doing yoga since 1973. His mother was a natural child birth educator and his grandmother taught yoga. He remembers being in PE class and the teacher being so impressed with the way he could stretch, he assigned Steven to lead the stretching segment all throughout junior high. His father was a Premier Soccer coach and taught the kids guided meditation and visualizations. In this lifetime he has been a firefighter, cab driver, Equity Stage Actor, Commercial Real Estate broker and more. Each of these roles he has played has helped him deepen his connection to that which he loves most: helping others to find peace. His classes focus on how to control the mind and he uses a vigorous vinyasa flow practice as a method for seeing how we react in difficult situations. Steven completed his first teacher training in 2003 with his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Kathleen’s first yoga class wasn’t until 1998. Growing up in a house with three brothers near Chicago did not offer her much exposure to yoga! She was a graphic designer working near the World Trade Center when the towers were struck in 2001. Three days later she lost a job and within a month she was hired to manage a world-renowned yoga studio, Jivamukti Yoga School. Within a year she was promoted to Operations Manager and was able to work very closely with her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. During this time she practiced daily and found herself wondering what it was like to be on the other side of the mat as the teacher. She did the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training program in 2003 and went on to exclusively teach for the next two years.

In 2005, Steven and Kathleen moved to the Bay Area. Steven went into commercial real estate to build a future nest egg for his family and Kathleen went back into management. This time, it was as the General Manager of the Yoga Tree studios in San Francisco and she reconnected with what she loves to do most: help grow and inspire the yoga teachers. She also began consulting for various yoga studios and began presenting at the Yoga Journal conference for the Business Intensives. Kathleen and Steven connected with the teachings and heart of Rusty Wells and Judith Hanson Lasater and to this day are still inspired by their teachings.

In 2010 they gave birth to their son, Shawn T. Holm. They were both ready to reconnect to their yogic roots. Especially Steven, who, over the course of 5 years went from 180lbs to 215lbs. They began making videos of Kathleen doing yoga at the beach and built an iPhone app company to help get yoga out to as many people as possible. To date, there are over a million downloads of their apps worldwide.

In 2011 they became co-owners of Aha Yoga studio, which is now Yoga Flow SF – Union with Brigitta and Mark Whiting and began to execute their vision and business plan of creating 400,000,000 yogis. The Union studio is located at 1892 Union Street @ Laguna.

In 2013, the birth of their baby girl, Seeta Roberta Holm coincided with the birth of Yoga Flow SF – Ocean. They also began teaching teachers how to lead inspired dynamic flow classes through their Yoga Flow SF Teacher Training Program. The Ocean studio is located at 385 Ashton Avenue @ Ocean Ave.

In Fall 2016 they gave birth to their third child, Bodhi Luka Holm.

In 2019 they opened their third location, Yoga Flow SF – Noe located at 4049 24th Street @ Castro St.

During the pandemic, they connected and fell in love with the former YogaWorks space located at 1330 South California Street in Walnut Creek, CA and doubled the size of their company by taking over the 7,000sf 4-studio room location.

While their primary focus has been on dynamic heated flows, they are also passionate about offering childcare and kids yoga for the community.

They are delighted to hold such a sacred space for so many teachers to share their passion and for so many students to benefit from this practice. Each and every day they are so grateful for what they get to offer their to their family, their teachers and their community.