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The Yoga of Floating-A Mixed Level Workshop

This all levels yoga workshop is for yogis who particularly enjoy the arm balances and inversions that teachers sometimes weave into class, and who seek new levels of mindfulness and experience both in poses and the spaces between them. Together, we will explore foundational know-how and outline building blocks for handstanding and arm balancing in the middle of a flow. We will have tons of fun while we also practice the art of not taking ourselves too seriously. We will dive deeper into the trickier elements of inverting: handstand pressing, floating in sun salutations, transitioning in and out of arm balances, with skills and techniques to take home and work with for months to come.

Date: 02/08/2020 | Location: Noe Studio | Teacher: Noah Maze
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Strong to the Core

This slow-and-steady workshop will first activate and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of your pelvis and spine. With mula-bandha and uddiyana-bhanda in place, we circumambulate 360 degrees around your torso and pelvis to systematically strengthen every side.

Date: 02/09/2020 | Location: Noe Studio | Teacher: Noah Maze
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Detox Flow Workhsop

Flow with this two-hour vigorous practice that will utilize Pranayama, Asana, Kriya, Uddiyana Bandha, Agni Sara and other methods to detoxify the body and mind.

Students should arrive hydrated, on a empty or close to empty stomach, and should bring a medium sized towel to be used as a prop.

Rental towels and mats will be available.

Date: 02/22/2020 | Location: Union Studio | Teacher: Neil Wadhawan
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WAH! The Healing Concert

The Healing Concert is a multimedia musical and visual presentation that has the ability to transform audience member's physical and mental state, to literally bring about a shift of consciousness. It’s a doorway to a different you. More than the music, it’s all about the experience that the music allows.

Date: 05/23/2020 | Location: Ocean Studio | Teacher: WAH!
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