Why We Love Yoga Classes (and You Should Too!)

Yoga classes come in many forms – from hot yoga to vinyasa flow – all with their unique benefits. The most important thing about attending yoga classes is finding the right one for you! Yoga is a great way to get in shape and relax at the same time. It tones your muscles, strengthens your bones, and helps you lose weight without putting too much pressure on any area of the body.

Yoga also has many mental benefits that can improve focus, concentration, memory, and creativity! If you’re looking for an activity that will help you become more flexible while strengthening your mind as well as body then yoga classes are perfect for you! Here’s why we love yoga classes (and why you should too!)

It Relieves Stress

Yoga helps relieve stress by helping you to focus on your breathing.

This practice brings awareness back into the present moment, which can reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels in the body (the hormone that is released when we are stressed).

When practiced regularly, yoga also increases serotonin levels in the brain – another key factor for relaxation! Yoga has been shown to help with major depression sufferers as well too. So if you’re feeling low or anxious about something- give yourself some time out of each week for a couple of hours at least to do yoga with friends or even potentially join a class near where you live.

Practicing Yoga Improves Blood Circulation

Yoga increases blood flow to our muscles because of its physical nature. This is helpful as there are very few things that can do naturally through exercise alone. This is great because more oxygen and nutrients get to your organs and muscles and they all work better!

Practicing Yoga Reduces The Risk Of An Injury

Yoga is a great way to exercise for many reasons. It does not just reduce the risk of physical ailments, but also helps you achieve mental peace and boosts energy levels throughout the day. It helps develop strength, flexibility, and stamina. If performed regularly at home or in a yoga studio, you can go a long way towards building muscles effectively!

It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Yoga has many amazing benefits, and one of them is that it can lower blood pressure! In a study done by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine both men and women who did an hour or more per week were shown to have reduced their systolic blood pressure. These same people also showed improvements in diastolic blood pressure as well as better heart rate variability. HRV is the variation between time intervals and usually indicates how efficiently your nervous system functions. So if you want to improve your cardiovascular health there’s no reason not to try out some great yoga classes!

Yoga Improves Posture

Yoga poses promote a symmetrical, balanced body posture because classes improve your strength and flexibility by allowing you to perform movements that are beyond the abilities of most people in their everyday life.

Yoga promotes an improved mind/body connection as well as improved muscle memory for those who struggle with injuries or movement difficulties such as Parkinson’s Disease. In yoga classes, it is common to be guided through all movements using verbal cues which helps many individuals struggling with physical limitations due to injury or mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

It Helps You Develop Body Awareness

Yoga helps us take a step back and become aware of how our bodies are feeling, what’s going on in them, which poses feel good or bad. It also encourages mindfulness – being present with your breath, the movement of the muscles as you stretch. All these things contribute to developing awareness about yourself – helping you check in more often to see if everything is working well for you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Understanding that there might be tension somewhere inside will give you the opportunity to release it before it turns into something bigger like pain or discomfort. This can have huge benefits long term because then we are not just reacting without thought but instead making better choices moving forward based on our increased body awareness.

This practice helps us gain self-control over our body’s impulses by increasing awareness through gentle movements that focus on correct posture.

It Alleviates Lower Back Pain

Yoga has been known to help people with lower back pain and other types of ailments. It relieves pain by stretching the muscles, which improves circulation and relaxes the mind. And that’s just one reason we love yoga classes!

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and posture, lower your risk of injury or developing back pain. It may also help you develop body awareness. Contact our team today for more information about yoga classes in the area!


Are You Looking for Yoga Classes That Are Perfect for You?

Yoga is a wonderful way to get in shape and learn about your body. It’s also great for relieving stress! Our Non-Heated Flow 1-2 classes provide the basics of vinyasa yoga, which are designed specifically for beginners or those who have just been practicing for years. These slower-paced classes break down poses so you can really explore them with all new challenges and modifications. If you feel yourself struggling during class don’t worry – keep working on what’s possible until such time as fatigue levels off enough that more challenging positions become possible again. If you’re looking to start practicing yoga but aren’t sure where to begin, our non-heated flow series will be right up your alley. Book your first class now at one of our San Francisco locations or our gorgeous location in downtown Walnut Creek!


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