Why Every New Parent Should Try Couples Yoga

Traditionally, yoga is regarded as an individual practice. It’s an opportunity to stretch, breathe, and fully immerse yourself in the present moment. But practicing yoga with your significant other offers its own unique benefits, especially for new parents. After all, the word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ in Sanskrit! Union is what couples yoga aims to achieve by uniting two people through various postures and flow sequences. These flows are designed to nurture trust, strengthen communication and build intimacy.

Parenting is hard work. It’s easy to stop caring for yourself or to feel overwhelmed with the constant demands of a new baby. But remember, to provide for those who depend on us, we need to take care of ourselves first.

Here are some reasons why couples yoga is the ideal self-care and relationship-building activity for you and your partner.


Couples yoga promotes healthy communication and intimacy with your partner

In couples yoga, you and your significant other connect by touching one another and exercising non-verbal communication skills. The more you engage, the better you get at reading your partner’s body language. Achieving a synchronized yoga practice requires listening to both your partner’s verbal and non-verbal cues. 

Physical touch is a crucial component of any healthy relationship. Attending couples yoga will add an elevated level of physical touch to connect and deepen your intimate bond with your partner. 


Couples yoga can reduce stress and tension

Couples yoga cuts through the more conventional ways of relating to your partner. Touch and physical connection calm the mind and nervous system, helping to release pent-up stress and tension. 

If you’ve had a nasty spat with your partner, attend a yoga class. This will help you and your significant other cool down, and replace any residual hostile tension with loving, positive energy. 


Couples yoga encourages authenticity with your partner

The connection with your partner can go deeper with the help of yoga as you rely on physical touch as communication. In addition to deepening your individual practice, you’ll embrace your alignment and presence as the foundation to support your partner. In this way, yoga cuts through projections and misunderstandings. This encourages authenticity and creates the opportunity to show up as your most honest and vulnerable self for your significant other.


Couples yoga helps build trust between you and your partner

While yoga is a safe, albeit physically demanding, activity, it does require a level of trust for those positions which rely on your partner to keep from breaking a pose or falling over. At first, this may be difficult, but over time, this deepening of trust between you and your partner will inevitably spill over into other areas of your relationship and the home.

Effective couples yoga demands mutual trust, support, and vulnerability. Physical touch is a language used to convey nurturing energy and communicate deep emotions without using your words. Conscious and consensual human touch can show your partner they are seen, appreciated, cared for, loved, accepted, valued, and safe.

Now, how do you get in on this experience, you ask?


Experience the transformative experience of couples yoga today

We invite you and your significant other to join us for a rejuvenating session of couples yoga. Move at your own pace and let our experienced and caring instructors nurture you on your journey to a healthier, stronger relationship by practicing yoga for years to come.

YogaFlow also offers childcare services at our Ocean Studio and Walnut Creek locations. Our child care play space is facilitated by loving, attentive attendants who engage and care for your child while you and your partner practice a dynamic, heated vinyasa flow yoga in an intimate setting.

Ready to flow with us? Join our community by downloading the Yoga Flow app and view our class schedule here!

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