Ultimate Self-Care Practice: Pairing Yoga With Childcare

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Yoga is one of the most enriching self-care activities, promoting strength, balance, flexibility, and the added mental health benefits of helping to combat postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress for new parents. And, it’s fun, enlivening, strength building and relaxing all at the same time!

Read on to learn why yoga is necessary to support your physical and mental health as a new parent and how Yoga Flow can help you incorporate the practice into your weekly self-care routine.

Yoga as self-care

Life without self-care is all outward energy without accepting anything in return. Yoga is the ultimate expression of self-care because it allows you the time and space to pause, check in with yourself and flow in a way that will support you and your life off the mat.

Yoga empowers you to show up as the best version of yourself for your family and loved ones! The more you practice, the more you’ll begin to notice an increase in your energy levels, a more balanced mood, and improved focus and productivity throughout your day. 

It offers a reminder that looking after yourself is an essential part of life, not a luxury.

Your personal practice is where the magic happens. It’s where you address your unique needs and tailor your flow to what your body and soul demands.

The next time you step on the mat, take a few moments to consider how your practice can help you today. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I need physically?
  • What do I need mentally?
  • How can I dedicate my practice to creating balance?
  • Where do I need flexibility?
  • Where do I need stability?

Even if the answers don’t come to you immediately, pondering these questions will remind you to go easy on yourself because you have a lot going on in life or at home that requires you to be extra kind to yourself.

Why yoga is a critical self-care practice, especially for parents

As a parent, looking after yourself usually falls at the end of your to-do list even when you know you need it the most.

Sometimes, all you need is a gentle reminder of how important self-care is and making a point to prioritize it. If you put self-care at the top of the list, all the other jobs would be much easier – you can feel restored, nourished, balanced, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Self-care not only benefits you, but it also helps everyone around you, including your children.

No child care? No problem!

We know that parenting can be incredibly challenging, stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a space to find peace while we look after your little one! Allow your child to play, build friendships and develop new skills while you flow in the next room over.

Learn more about our childcare options here!

Hop into the car with your little one and flow with us today!

Yoga Flow’s new Walnut Creek studio is officially opening in July!

Yoga Flow SF is a family-owned company that has three San Francisco locations. We made it through the pandemic and are thrilled to be taking over the former Yoga Works studio in Walnut Creek, located in Main Street Plaza. We are incredibly honored to continue to bring yoga and fitness to this community!

Founders Kathleen and Steven Holm have three young children and have been practicing yoga together for over 20 years. They attest that doing yoga together keeps them young, limber, healthy and happy! Nothing beats doing a hard sequence, finally making it back to downward dog and sharing a smile with your partner. It’s the best feeling! Getting to share a practice with them now and for decades to come.

Ready to flow with us? Join our community by downloading the Yoga Flow SF app and view our class schedule here!

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