Top 10 Best Yoga Studios Near Walnut Creek, California


Finding the right yoga studio near Walnut Creek, California can be tough. We feel your pain! So we put together a list of some top-rated studios that offer various programs to suit your needs – from dynamic vinyasa classes in heated rooms to those offering slow stretching in sessions! Each location is constantly updating its schedule so check back often for new additions or recommendations on which class might work best for you today. If we’ve missed something (or if there’s an error!), please let us know!

1. Yoga Flow SF

Walnut Creek, 1330 S California Boulevard, Walnut Creek California 94596, (415) 686-6394

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About: Yoga Flow SF has taken over the former Yoga Works space in Walnut Creek, located in Main Street Plaza. They are incredibly honored to continue to bring yoga to this community.

Their programming consists of a variety of styles, including their signature dynamic heated vinyasa, hatha yoga, gentle yoga, barre, mat pilates, childcare, Prenatal and so much more. Their intention is to bring back many of the beloved Walnut Creek teachers and class styles suitable for all ages and all levels.

Classes Offered: Heated Vinyasa Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Yoga For Beginners, Pilates, Barre, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Outdoor Yoga, Deep House Yoga, Live Music Flow, Heart Hip & Core Flow, and Arm Balances.

What Makes them Different: Steven and Kathleen Holm are the founders of Yoga Flow SF. What began as a dance at Burning Man in 1998 has blossomed into an app company, three yoga studios. They are delighted to hold such a sacred space for so many teachers to share their passion and for so many students to benefit from this practice. Each and every day they are so grateful for what they get to offer to their family, their teachers and their community.

2. Raga Yoga

2662 Shadelands Drive. Walnut Creek California  94598,  (925) 322-0701

About: Raga Yoga is a community-based studio established to promote the balance of one’s life from the inside. The system of yoga acts as an instrument for stress management and spiritual enlightenment through mindful practice.

Classes Offered: Raga Yoga was formed to provide the community with ways of practicing yoga that is both traditional and modern. Aerial hammocks are the perfect way to take your yoga practice off in the ground and up into the air. 

The following are classes being offered:  

What Makes them Different: Aerial yoga is the newest trend in fitness that challenges everyone’s mind and body. Whether you are new to it or have been practicing for years, there will always be something interesting to learn about aerial yoga. They offer popular class options such as Single Class Drop-In, Aerial Camp Drop-In, 10 Class Pack-In Studio, Fly It Solo.

3. Bikram Yoga Walnut Creek

2021 Mt Diablo Boulevard #200, Walnut Creek, California 94596

About: Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury is the founder of world-renowned Yoga College in India. Born in Calcutta, 1946, he began his practice at four with Indian physical culturist and younger brother to Paramahansa Yogananda’s student. Ghosh asked Bikram to open several Yoga schools in India. The schools were such a success that Bishnu asked him to go to Japan and open two more. His methods have now spread all over the world!

Classes Offered: The classes in the Bikram Yoga are about 90 minutes long with 26 poses or so to be done over time as well as two breathing exercises for relaxation purposes only at some points during class (usually halfway through). They’re usually held in rooms heated up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is often too hot and humid without an air-conditioner on hand — but these conditions allow the body’s heat regulation system to function more efficiently!

What Makes them Different: Bikram Yoga is the most popular type of “hot” yoga because it’s a way for people to get fit and healthy.

4. Bay Club Walnut Creek

2805 Jones Road, Walnut Creek, California 94597, 925-938-8700


About: The location of Bay Club Walnut Creek is the ultimate destination for family-friendly fun. It’s where customers can take a fitness or yoga class while kids have some time at Kids World, and it even has Pilates studios with professional instructors available to help get in shape! They find all sorts of healthy dining options here too – everyone will enjoy an afternoon by our huge pool on hot days.

Classes Offered: Classes offered in Bay Club Walnut Creek to strengthen and tone the body at your own pace include Boot camp, Rhythm Ride, Box Blitz, Hit Cycle, Barre Fusion. Core work is also on offer with classes like Mindful Yoga Flow or Lift for those wanting a full-body workout in one class!

What Makes them Different: They provide a variety of classes and cardio fitness equipment to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. You can try spinning, personal trainers, or more! Your daily escape awaits, book your appointment now!

5. My Indigo Yoga 

1512 Palos Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek, California 94597, (925) 979-9642

About: Indigo Yoga & Pilates Studio is a hub for some of the talented, experienced, and devoted teachers in the Bay Area. Accessible in Walnut Creek, both of the serenely beautiful spaces are designed to support your practice from beginning to end.

Classes Offered: My Indigo Yoga studio features over 40 yoga classes every week including Ashtanga Yoga, Jivamukti Flow, Shadow Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Beginner’s / Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Candlelight Flow, Iyengar Blend Levels 1-3, Sound Healing, Meditation, Radiant Yoga, Mat Pilates, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga and more! 

What Makes them Different: My Indigo Yoga offers Private Pilates Sessions, which are perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis. Indigo offers a wealth of opportunities to meet new people and learn about topics that interest you in your area. Come and join the fun today!

6. CorePower Yoga

1375 N Main St Walnut Creek, California 94596, (925) 979-9642

About: CorePower Yoga has over 200 studios nationwide that welcome you to try any of their classes. Whether a beginner or experienced yogi, the variety and intensity will make for an exhilarating fitness experience.

Classes Offered: CorePower Yoga is a group of 7 different classes to meet your needs! They offer the following yoga classes: CorePower Yoga 1, Core Power Yoga 2, Hot Fusion (Spicy), YOGa ScuLPT, and more. Check out their website for details on each class’s specific benefits.

What Makes them Different: They have a variety of classes and membership to offer at their studio, more challenging postures with C3 and CoreRestore as well as the chance to meet new friends at upcoming community events. Book your class now and see schedules on their live website!

7. Open Barre Fitness 

Walnut Creek Financial Plaza 675 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite B-106 Walnut Creek, California 94596, (925) 726-3027

About: Open Barre Fitness in Walnut Creek, California is a 1,440-square-foot fitness studio that specializes in personalized barre fitness classes. They provide private sessions and individual group lessons throughout the day to fit your schedule with 45 minutes to an hour-long workouts at convenient times for working people.

Classes Offered: Open Barre Fitness uses Barre techniques that use a combination of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and weight training moves to sculpt, lengthen, and strengthen for optimal weight loss and muscle toning.

What Makes them Different: The studio provides an intro class for free as well as packages and memberships that help you save money. Contact us to set your appointment today!

8. My Just Be Yoga 

1375 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, California 94596, (855) 423-9642

About: Just be Yoga is a community space that provides classes for healing and self-improvement. We offer group yoga, meditation, medication practices like Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of health care) and ThetaHealing to help people find peace in their lives.

Classes Offered: Explore the world of yoga with your sympathetic teachers and find a class that suits you best.Just Be Yoga offers classes for different skill levels and expertise, such as Flow, Slow Yin, Meditation, Breathwork. They offer Sacred Sundays to heal your soul.

What Makes them Different: Forget swiping left, right, and up. Now you can check in for class from your phone without ever having to get out of bed! Download the Just Be Yoga App today!

9. Yoga & Massage Therapy 

1700 Ygnacio Valley Road #100a, Walnut Creek, California 94598, (925) 357-1065

About: Nick Williams has been a devoted yoga instructor since he was a teenager, and now he utilizes his experience to help others find their peace. He is a trained massage therapist and has been teaching Hatha Yoga for three years.

Classes Offered: Yoga and Massage Therapy is a company that specializes in helping athletes recover, regain mobility after an injury, and optimize for performance. Yoga & Massage Therapy’s ancient profession takes great joy in serving the public as they journey to be at their best of top shape!

What Makes them Different: Personalized and convenient. They offer one-on-one online classes to give customers the best chance of success in their journey. They work together and establish a practice that suits your body, personality, needs, etc., but ultimately how far you go is up to you! Book your appointment now!

10. Monique’s Yoga Garden 

2669 San Antonio Drive, Walnut Creek, California 94598, (925) 300-7968

About: Monique’s Yoga Garden is a Yoga and Pilates studio with small class sizes for more personal attention. Founded by Monique, a 200-hour Yoga instructor and certified by Diane Valentine and Dennis Eagan at Walnut Creek. Experiencing her first pregnancy led Monique to Yoga which has transformed her life ever since.

Classes Offered: At Monique’s Yoga Garden, they offer yoga classes in small group settings for more personal attention, as well as private sessions with a personalized yoga practice tailored to your individual needs. 

What Makes them Different: They specialize in helping people who have Scoliosis get relief through the power of Yoga! Contact them to discuss your options and schedule an appointment!

Do You Need Vinyasa Yoga Classes You Can Trust?

Vinyasa Flow classes at Yoga Flow SF mix traditional yoga poses with athletic movements to create a vigorous and balanced workout. Our instructors’ energy during the class is infectious, making it an empowering experience for all levels of practitioners—from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just need something more challenging in your life, our heated live-music sessions will make the most out of every session! We offer modifications that simplify the poses to be more suitable for beginners or some that amplify them for our advanced practitioners so you can choose which one is better suited based on your skill level! Specifically, this type of yoga really helps with creating strength and flexibility in both body AND mind while challenging us to grow into stronger versions of ourselves. Book your first class now at one of our San Francisco locations or our new location in downtown Walnut Creek!

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