Tips and Tricks for Upping Your Handstand Game

Article by @endureyoga

4 Strength Tips for Upping Your Handstand Game!

1. Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are a great tool for building confidence in handstands. Start small to build strength. Keep your knees and feet together and try to get your knee to your chest while brining the shoulders over the wrists. The higher you can get the hips the closer you will feel to handstand. Use a wall for comfort. Once you are getting your hips high enough, start trying to straighten the legs to handstand. Keep pressing through the palms while keeping the arms straight. Don’t give up!!!! Took me years to get this and I still get scared. Fear is a part of your inversions practice. Learn to accept the fear so you can worth with it not against it.

2. Handstand Switch Kicks

You go only as high as you feel comfortable, you train the body to feel weight on the hands and you help train the anchor leg (the bottom leg) to get up. Something to try other than just kicking up the same way. Try it away from the wall.

3. Handstand Shoulder Touches

Shift your weight side to side to help lift one hand off the ground. Start of small, maybe just playing with shifting the weight from Palm to Palm then working up to touching the shoulder. Take it slow and start off with 10 total (5 each side) then work up to more.

4. Handstand Wall Walks

These get hard fast so don’t do too many. Try to get as close to the wall as possible. Keep the core tight and the strong hollow position throughout the movement.

Suggested Workouts
**Make sure your shoulders are warmed up well before these workouts.

Workout 1
5 Rounds of the Following (in this order)

5 Donkey Kicks
10 Handstand Shoulder Touches (5 each side)
1 Wall Walk Up
6 Handstand Switch Kicks

Workout 2
3 Rounds Rest 2 Minutes in between each round

30 Second Handstand Hold at the wall
20 Handstand Switch Kicks
2 Wall Walks
30 Second Handstand Hold at the wall

Workout 3
10 Handstand Switch Kicks
10 Donkey Kicks
10 Handstand Shoulder Touches
10 Donkey Kicks
10 Handstand Shoulder Touches
10 Donkey Kicks
10 Handstand Switch Kicks

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