SNews Yoga: Founder Kathleen Holm’s Vision For Creating 400 Million Yogis

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Our founder, Kathleen Holm, was recently covered on SNews Yoga’s website as she shared her vision for creating 400 million yogis by year 2020.

From the article:

You hear so much uproar about how mainstream and watered down yoga is becoming. We want to cast a wider net to attract more people with 400 million yogis by the year 2020. As far as I am concerned, yoag always comes back to the basic elements: connect to breath and be mindful of movement. As long as you can do that, then it’s yoga. I don’t care if it’s yoga and chocolate or yoga and rafting. Maybe you will become distracted but I want to distract you with something that inspires you and then bring you back to yourself.

Read the entire article here:

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