Join Lindsay for 7 day yoga retreat exploring beautiful countryside of France during the war,m days of summer. Relax by the pool, take a cruise along the Dordgone River, explore local mid evil towns, markets and cuisine. The Dordogne region of France is know for it’s wine and culture from caves to castles to picturesque river landscapes. Choose to spend your days sight seeing, or relaxing in the quiet gardens.
This is much more than just a yoga retreat.
It’s a perfectly curated vacation that integrates yoga wellness and cultural immersion with an incredible group of people.

Date: 07/28/2018 | Location: South-West France | Teacher: Lindsay Foreman & Chelsea Beauford
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Yoga Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA

Join me, Lauren Pisano, for 3 nights and 4 days in Joshua Tree. We will practice yoga and meditation, share healthy meals and have ample free time to explore the sacred grounds of our retreat center, the local desert culture and Joshua Tree National Park.

The retreat will be held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center, a unique architectural landmark designed by Frank LLoyd Wright and his son, Lloyd.

Date: 08/10/2018 | Location: Joshua Tree Retreat Center | Teacher: Lauren Pisano
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Rebirth Celebration Yoga Retreat

We will celebrate rebirths and transformations. Setting intentions on how you want to show up moving forward in your life. September 14th marks an important moment in my life when the floor fell out from under me and I needed to rebuild and be reborn. On the anniversary of this day I will share with you what lessons helped me most in this painful time and how we can all choose to be reborn at any moment in our life with or without it breaking us open.

Date: 09/14/2018 | Location: Grand Island, CA | Teacher: Libby Murfey
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A retreat is an opportunity to remove yourself from the stresses of your everyday life and immerse yourself in a reflective, soulful experience in a serene, beautiful place. It's a chance to relax, let go, and perhaps even grow under the guidance of experienced teachers committed to holding a powerful space.

​Join Tom Lee and James Glasnapp for a weekend yoga and meditation retreat at Ratna Ling, the gorgeous Buddhist retreat center 90 miles north of San Francisco nestled in the stunning redwood forests of Sonoma County. With a focus on grounding, centering, and accessing the inner wisdom we all possess, this weekend will help us let go of unhealthy stories, patterns, and versions of ourselves so we can make room for what's next and invite in renewal. Through daily yoga and guided meditation sessions, we'll have an opportunity to connect, balance, absolve, and allow. All levels of yoga and meditation practitioners are invited—including those brand new to either practice.

Date: 09/28/2018 | Location: Ratna Ling Buddhist Center | Teacher: Tom Lee & James Glasnapp
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Libby Murfey Yoga and NAMASWEAT with Lauren McHale are joining forces to create a retreat unlike any other! We will be incorporating daily workouts, yoga, adventure and mindful relaxation to provide an experience that is both active and restorative. Our goal is to bring like-minded people together in a way that allows us to share with and learn from one another in a location with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Date: 11/07/2018 | Location: Sayulita | Teacher: Libby Murfey
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