Pure Heart of Yoga Teacher Training with Rusty Wells

Friday (5/24) - Monday (5/27)
7:30am - 12:30pm

Yoga Flow SF Ocean Studio
385 Ashton Avenue SF, CA 94112

This 30-hour training is delivered in a workshop style, and will cover the art and skill of teaching.
❥ You matter
❥ Your voice matters
❥ Your life experiences matter
❥ Your heart matters
❥ There is only one YOU

Together we will shine the light on sacred practices and teachings from which you can share your authenticity and confidence. We will sweat, sing, study, dance and - best of all - learn how to shine bigger and brighter than ever before.

We'll meet five hours daily:
❥ Opening Circle
❥ Vinyasa Practice
❥ Teaching Focus of the Day
❥ Chit Chat discussion
❥ Practice Teaching
❥ ChantingPranayama
❥ Guided Meditation
❥ Reflections of the Day
❥ Closing Circle

Ten additional home-study hours that includes the following:
❥ A Welcome and Orientation video (1 hour)
❥ Light reading and vocabulary home-study (4 hours)
❥ A personal essay (2 hours)
❥ Greatest Hits Chant Medley sing-along audio recording (30 minutes)
❥ 2 Virtual Classes (75 minutes each)
❥ TO ENSURE you receive your home-study packet, please update your Ocean Studio Mindbody account with your current email address.

Who can join this training?
This training is open to all teachers and serious students alike.

Program Tuition:
Early Bird: $550 by (5/01)
Regular Tuition: $625 starting (05/02)

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Have Questions?
For questions about the program or if you need assistance with registration, please email us at: kathleen@yogaflowsf.com. We're more than happy to help!

Yoga Flow SF Rusty Wells

Pure Heart of Yoga Teacher Training

Friday (5/24) - Monday (5/27)
7:30am - 12:30pm
Ocean Ave Studio
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Bhakti Flow with Rusty Wells & Yoga Flow SF

Bhakti Flow Classes
A la carte

Friday (5/24) - Monday (5/27)
Ocean Ave Studio
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About Rusty Wells

Rusty is the proud visionary behind Bhakti Flow Yoga. He infuses his joyful, energetic, and often mind-blowing classes with his belief that we can best serve others and heal ourselves through unconditional love and devotion. To this end, he passes along his profound gratitude for breath, body, and mind through yoga’s time-honored practices.

An experienced instructor and humble student, Rusty teaches his unique brand of devotional vinyasa, called Bhakti Flow, in teacher trainings, retreats and workshops around the world.

His classes are an experiential explosion of music, sweat, stillness, and energy that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss.

Rusty is the author of Bhakti Flow Yoga, A Training Guide for Practice and Life, published in September 2015, by Shambhala, a division of Random House and Penguin. He is represented by Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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Everything I have learned and absorbed in the Bhakti Flow Teacher Trainings is infusing into all aspects of my life, my thoughts, my actions, and my relationships, and I find myself becoming a leader with integrity and purpose.

The Bhakti Flow Teacher Training was one of the most beautiful and mind opening experiences I have ever had. I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who are all following their dreams and leaders in their communities. Even if the invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge were removed from this training, the value of the connections and community I gained would have been well worth my time and effort. I will forever be grateful to Rusty and the Bhakti Flow team.

I am a better me. I am of better service in the world. I am happier and more content, more disciplined and less rigid, more inspired and devoted to live a life of service. I am becoming a leader in all parts of my life because of the Bhakti Flow Teacher Training, and my continual practice of Bhakti Flow Yoga. Thank you to Rusty Wells for creating, and teaching such an amazing program that is incredibly transformational.

Rusty’s approach to teaching is brilliant. The concepts introduced in his teacher training: using voice through singing and chanting, leading a yoga class, tapping into my own confidence, and pushing through my comfort zone have transformed my life.

Even as I was writing this note it occurred to me that this practice has empowered me to speak up for equality and compassion. I have a military background and this practice has helped me so much in peeling away the layers in such a healthy way. It has given me acceptance towards myself and others. This has allowed me to still honor and value the ones I hold dear in my heart and still taste the joy in all.