A Practice That Lasts a Life Time

Kids yoga is a great way to help the kids grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Classes are designed to calm, challenge and inspire them! The benefits of the practice help them improve mood, sleep and self esteem. With a consistent practice, they learn patience, determination and perserverance.

Kids Yoga Policies

  • Registration required. You will need to make them their own individual account and buy each child their own package.
  • Please make sure they have comfortable clothing on.
  • Please DO NOT bring your children if they are sick.

children playing

First Time Tips

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to be in the space with your child as a way for them to feel safe.
  • We welcome you to come in and just hang out with them in the room if your child experiences separation anxiety.
  • Please encourage them to show you what they learn and offer positive reinforcement regardless of what the pose looks like.
  • Ask them to teach you the pose to reinforce what they learned.
  • Consider attending the class with a friend.