Heather Farm Dog Park in Walnut Creek, California | 505 N San Carlos Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, United States

This area is an off-leash park at the northern end of Heather Farm Park with separate areas for small and large dogs, toilets, and nearby parking. It’s a great park, for walking in and around the dog park and indoors. If you are looking for a dog park, you’ll find it as one of the finest dog parks around the city of the east bay.

There are many benefits for pet lovers and their dogs. For larger dogs (and small dogs that want to play w/larger dogs) there is a small dog area & a different area. Visitors can see a couple of shaded spots as well but not enough. But the wide dog area actually has some grass. The small dog area has plenty of grass so the bigger dogs don’t work as hard.


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There are about 5 dispensers for poop bags and each one is nearly full every time. They even got new softer wood chips. They have a pair of water buckets. Some of them are kind of filthy but just go with the clean ones. They have built a pair of benches and a picnic table with cement. The ground is grassy. They can have plenty of room to run and play.

For people who love to exercise with their dogs, they can walk a couple of laps or even run if they want. The shaded area can be a resting place after sweating a little. Dogs here are sweet, and people too.

They have a lovely playground, perfect for the whole family. You can enjoy hours of fun with friends and neighbors at their massive park full of slides, swings, bridges, ladders and more! This is also where you’ll find sand pits to build up your appetite before eating one of Mickey’s famous Hot Dogs from “The Big Red Wagon” food truck or enjoying some ice cream on a warm summer day. The animals love it here too! And there are plenty of tables in case you want to bring a picnic lunch or just relax under an umbrella by the pond while watching alligators crawl around through the water lilies.

How to Find a Good Dog Park

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance you’ve spent significant time trying to find the perfect spot for your pup. It can be difficult to decide on an ideal location that provides ample space and is in proximity of other dogs without being too crowded. If this sounds like you, don’t worry- we have some tips! The first thing to do is figure out what type of park would best suit your needs- parks with small spaces are great if you want close interaction with other dogs or more room for running around; larger parks are better if it’s peace and quiet that appeals most. Explore the area before deciding on anything permanent so that all your bases are covered.

Dog Park Safety Tips


Dogs can find their way out of a fenced dog park, but your pup is less likely to get through double gates if he has ID tags on his collar and microchips. This quick procedure involves injecting the chip under skin between his shoulders while you watch closely so nothing goes wrong. If anything does happen then veterinarians or shelter staff will be able to scan for information as long as they have access to an electronic scanner with proper software installed that supports RFID technology (requires compatible scanners).

Avoid crowded dog parks. The fear of other dogs zooming up to you as soon as you enter the park can be really stressful and overwhelming, especially for those who have little experience with such a scenario. Instead, going at less popular times where it’s usually quieter will give people an easier time getting around without having to worry about another person or animal blocking their path every few seconds!

On your first visit to the dog park, let your pooch get acquainted with it while still on a leash. That way you can prevent them from swallowing anything unsavory (think: left-behind food, toxic items or foreign objects). If you go early in the morning or later at night when there are less dogs around, exploring the perimeter is easier as well!


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Walnut Creek, California is blessed to have so many amazing dog parks! Here’s a few of our favorites:

All of these wonderful dog parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 1330 South California Boulevard in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime

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