Our Vinyasa Flow classes are heated...

vigorous, athletic and fast-paced. We offer modifications that simplify the poses to be more suitable for beginners and some that amplify the poses for our more advanced practitioners, creating a truly “all-levels” experience.

Yoga Flow SF is a family-owned, community-based yoga studio with three locations in San Francisco, CA. We have exceptional teachers that will help you to strengthen the body, calm the mind and connect deeply within. Our classes are physically challenging and offer you a full body workout as well as a moving meditation. Flow Foundations is a yoga class offering you an alignment based, mindful and safe yoga practice. These classes are suitable for those brand new to yoga and those who like a slower paced practice. We will focus key poses found in many classes and styles and offering modifications for how to meet the pose with the physical reality you have at that particular moment in time.

Our studio is non-judgemental and non-dogmatic and is open to all ages and abilities. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, rest when needed and know that showing up is the most important part. Conscious breath awareness comes next and we use the poses as a way to explore the body and mind.

Our Style Of Yoga

Our primary offering is called Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The word Vinyasa comes from its Sanskrit roots Nyasa, which means “to place” and vi, which means “in a special way.” Aligning breath with movement, the practice is designed to be physically and mentally challenging, which serves as a mirror for us to see how we react in the moment. This ultimately helps us to maintain peace and calm when stressful situations arise. These are tools that we use in class, on our mats, in a safe and controlled environment to see how to remain calm while doing a hard pose. We learn how to stay calm by focusing on the breath. By focusing on the breath, we calm the mind. This is helpful in a yoga pose, in a sport we do; in traffic, at the office, dealing with our kids... The list goes on! From the practice of doing the poses, not only do we get stronger and more flexible in the body, but more importantly, in the mind too. We learn that 'this too shall pass'. We learn to stay calm and focused even when it's really hard. We learn to stay in the present moment because that's where the beauty and magic of life is!!

Specifically, Vinyasa is designed to:

  • Connect our breath, body and mind to the present moment
  • Create more strength and flexibility of the body
  • Help us meet the wall of resistance and move through it with grace

Learning to control the breath is a key component of the practice. Sounds so simple, right? It's not! From the moment we are born and take that first breath, we cannot go more than two minutes without it for our entire lives. In this practice, we focus on yoga breathing technique called Ujjayi breath, which is a relaxed diaphragmatic style of breathing characterized by consistent, even-lengthed inhales and exhales that sound like waves in the ocean. This is achieved by slightly constricting the back of the throat. Wanna try it? Breathing through the nose, inhale, and on the exhale, open your mouth and make a 'haaaaaa' sound, as if you were fogging a mirror. Do it again, and on the exhale, close your mouth, breathing through your nose but still hear and feel that 'haaaaa'. This consistent cycle of inhaling and exhaling; even length, audible 'haaaa' sound helps to achieve a calm mental focus. When done together, Vinyasa and Ujjayi breath create internal heat that increases circulation and sweating, which helps to purify the body and focus the mind. Vinyasa is a physically demanding practice that can help calm a busy mind and reduce stress, depression and fatigue. It also helps to redirect scattered attention so that deeper and more profound inner and outer observations can be experienced.

  • Focus our attention in the present moment as a form of meditation
  • Challenge and inspire us to grow and transform
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Our Philosophy

We believe that as you learn to focus on your breath in class, you learn to control your mind which helps you navigate through stressful life situations with greater ease. Setting an intention at the beginning of class will help you to set a course of positive action for your practice and your life. You will find that this intention will soften your heart and help you to connect with your Soul. Yoga will teach you how to be present and slow your mind. This practice is a beautiful reminder that we don’t need a Monday or a new year to begin again. Each breath and each moment are a new beginning.

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Our Teachers

Between the four studios, we have 75 teachers who are highly trained, qualified and passionate about teaching Vinyasa yoga. Though they span age groups and came to love yoga through different life paths, their journeys led them to Yoga Flow SF, and each of them brings beautiful and unique teaching styles into the classroom.

Our Studios

We have some of the best teachers in the city, and the community at each studio is unique, yet welcoming and fun. Hot Vinyasa flow is meant to take you to a meditative state, and we find that it is best practiced in a beautiful, tranquil and safe space. It is a combination of our incredible teachers and atmosphere that encourages our students to be truly present in their flow no matter which studio they choose.

In addition to these qualities, all studios offer the newest yoga clothing and accessories for men and women. We also offer mat and towel rentals, as well as water bottles and hair ties.

Each studio offers slightly different amenities. Noe allowed us to really explore how to create the perfect temperature and air. FAR infrared radiant heat heats the room to 90 degrees however there are 20 fresh are intake fans that allow you to feel a cool breeze, even though the room is so warm. The Union Studio is second floor with gorgeous, huge floor to ceiling bay windows filled with trees, making it feel like you are in a tree house. There is one shower, cold beverages such as coconut and mint water, and complimentary oranges. The Ocean Studio is a 2100sf practice room with huge windows and offers amazing Teacher Training Programs. We also offer Outdoor Yoga with silent disco headphones.

Studio Locations

Yoga Flow SF - Union

Our Union Street location is dubbed, 'The Yogi Tree House'! Yoga Flow SF Union is on the second floor of the Clock Tower building located at Union and Laguna. Our two-room studio has gorgeous hardwood floors and beautiful, large windows that create a lofted tree house-like feeling. The space is perfect for sweaty classes that encourage students to be present in their practice. We also have a well-appointed retail boutique for all your practice needs.

Union St. Studio

Yoga Flow SF - Noe

Located in the heart of Noe Valley, the Noe studio is our 'facilities' dream come true space! Fresh air intake fans, extensive exhaust system create an air exchange every 8 minutes! FAR Infrared radiant heaters, surround sound stereo and a beautiful wood ceiling and flooring make this room so special. We also offer prenatal and postnatal yoga, kids yoga, and family yoga classes with workshops and special events.

Noe Valley Studio

Yoga Flow SF - Ocean

Located just off Ocean Avenue, walking into this 2100sf studio with 15' tall ceilings calms the nerves just by being in the space! Originally built for the Free Masons, and the lofted ceilings and grand windows provide a space like none other. We have state-of-the-art lighting, heating and sound systems. We also have amazing Teacher Training Programs and weekly Workshops & Events.

Ocean Ave Studio