Arden Park | 2 Arden Ct, Daly City, CA 94014, United States

The Arden Park has a playground perfect for children who want to burn off some energy before dinner time rolls around. This public space features many amenities like fishing ponds and sports fields as well as some great walking paths.

Few people know that Arden Park is just down the street from AT&T Ballpark. The park also includes a large pond where you can fish or watch ducks swim by, making it not only fun but educational too!


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Arden Park in San Francisco is one of the best parks in the city because of its beautiful scenery, easy access location near downtown, and natural wildlife habitat. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure with your kids then this should be on your list of places to visit today!

What Activities Can Be Done in A Park

A growing number of parks and green spaces have free-to-use gym equipment like pull up bars, step ups, static bikes and parallel bars. This is a complete workout in the most natural way possible!

Both games are easy to create and can be played in large groups. Cricket is even easier when you don’t need a pitch – just use the batter’s legs as wickets! Get your family or friends together for some fun, then contact your local council if they have any information on rounders or cricket tournaments near you.


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Walking is not only an enjoyable activity but also a great way to get active. Walking can help you lose weight and improve your heart health, especially when done outdoors surrounded by the flowers, trees and birdsong of your local park or at one of Parkruns events which are free 5K timed runs held in parks all around Britain every week! You might find running with others motivating while going it alone could be time for reflection on what’s really important.

Yoga is an ancient practice that ultimately aims to lead the practitioner into a state of perfect mental and physical balance. In order for this to happen, practitioners must first focus on strength, flexibility and breathing techniques in order to boost their physical and mental wellbeing. Classes are offered at various levels from gentle beginner classes all the way up through advanced practices which could help with relief during menstruation or provide additional benefits for runners looking for injury prevention strategies. All you need is comfortable clothing allowing easy movement along with perhaps some padding (a mat) if desired- but regardless of what level class you choose there’s no question it will leave your body feeling refreshed as well as offer several healthful perks!

Possibly the most underrated park pleasure. At its simplest it involves nothing more than throwing and catching – the amount of running you do is down to you and the skill of the people you’re playing with! You just need a friend or two, and a frisbee, which can cost less than £2. Or work up more of a sweat with Ultimate – a team version of frisbee.

San Francisco, California is blessed to have so many amazing parks! Here are a few of our favorites near San Francisco State University you should check out:

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 385 Ashton Avenue in San Francisco! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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