5 Tips for Doing Yoga in the Park

You want to do yoga, but you live in a big city. Yoga is a very intimate experience during which you willingly put yourself in vulnerable positions, both physically and emotionally. Yoga is a mental and physical exercise. Yoga encompasses a variety of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation strategies. Yoga is a centuries-old practice that may have originated in India. It uses movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to enhance mind and body health. Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the time or place for it. There are lots of benefits that come from practicing yoga outside.


  • Dress appropriately- 

For your comfort and ease of movement, wear clothing that will allow you to move freely without being restricted by tight clothes or shoes. The less restricting the better.

  • Find a good spot

Yoga is a highly personal experience in which you are willing to put yourself in potentially hazardous situations, both physically and emotionally. It builds self-assurance and confidence while also encouraging trust and empathy for your body and others around you when done correctly in a secure setting. An outdoor practice might ruin that secure environment and the benefits it provides. You do your yoga exercises somewhere where you won’t have random spectators. They may think your postures are odd, provocative, or strange if they don’t understand yoga, making everyone in the class self-conscious and somehow violated.

  • Check the weather before you go.

If there is bad or harsh weather, such as rain, thunderstorms, or cold temperatures on the way, make preparations and think about alternatives. In addition to extreme weather, strong winds will have a significant impact on your balance and alignment. Unless you protect yourself from the elements, your eyes may be irritated by the irritants in the air. The grass and dirt are blown off the ground by strong winds, which might prevent you from seeing. To avoid direct sunlight, seek out a shaded area.

  • Bring Your Yoga Mat

Bring your mat along with you- Yoga mats can be bulky and difficult to carry around all day, but if space permits bring one along with you so that you have something soft on which to practice. Bring a mat, at the very least, until you’re comfortable with the conditions at your new outdoor yoga site.

  • Make sure you have a positive attitude.

While this isn’t for everyone, keep it in perspective. It’s easier to take if you think of it as an event that brings people together to have fun. It is not a class dedicated to improvement. Instead, it is a fantastic method to meet new people and have a unique experience.


The Advantages of Yoga Outside

  • Exercising outside improves your inner sense of balance.
  • When you practice outside, you improve your balance and strength.
  • Outside practice helps to build inner strength and stability…
  • Practicing outside connects you with Mother Nature.


What does yoga have to do with improving the mind-body-spirit connection?

It allows you to take advantage of your five senses – You may better hear the sounds around you and observe your surroundings while doing yoga. It enables grounding, as you can bring the energy down from the soil through your head and send it down to the roots of your hair. Body scans and deep breathing help you to focus on what is going on in your mind and body during the practice.

There is always something worthwhile to learn from any yoga session, no matter where it is. Prepare and have a good time when you plan an outdoor yoga session.


Walnut Creek, California is blessed to have so many amazing parks that are just perfect for doing outdoor yoga! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Heather Farm Park
  • Civic Park
  • Alma Park
  • Arbolado Park
  • Diablo Shadows Park
  • El Divisadero Park
  • Howe Homestead Park
  • Northgate Park
  • Rudgear Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 1330 South California Boulevard in Walnut Creek! Stop by for a visit anytime!



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