5 Things We Learned From Trying Outdoor Yoga

If the idea of yoga in a confined studio with little space to fit your mat sounds dreadful, try it outdoors. Whether you’re practicing on the beach or in a field, there are 5 things everyone can learn from trying outdoor yoga. From adjustments in poses to reactions to unexpected weather, here are 5 things we learned from our best outdoor yoga sessions.

Yoga Size Restrictions Improve Flexibility

The most common pose used is Downward-Facing Dog . It’s worth noting that this standard posture is about less than 1 square foot of surface area for the dog’s hands and feet. For comparison , an average full-grown male mountain lion can weigh up to 200 pounds with 6′ feet at shoulder length. If you’ve ever completed an outdoor yoga session, you can’t help but notice how your hands and feet are able to adjust in the unique space. Outdoor yoga forces you to overcompensate for space restrictions with poses that wouldn’t be possible inside.

The Great Outdoors Forces You To Pay Attention

While practicing these 5 things , it’s nearly impossible not to look around at the world outside of your mat. For one thing, there are often more distractions out here than indoors. The ocean waves crashing against the shore are enough to take anyone’s mind off their practice! As any yogi knows , this is part of what makes yoga so special. Rather than looking inward during your journey towards self-discovery, all you want to focus on is the beautiful beach surrounding you. But, you know what they say about life on the path of least resistance.

Yogis Are Very Adaptable

When it’s sunny and 70 degrees outside, there might be 40 other yogis practicing alongside you. When weather conditions change 5 minutes before your session starts, all those yogis are suddenly scrambling to improvise their practice without a blanket or towel to shield them from sudden rain showers. Yet somehow, everyone maintains their composure. Rather than giving up because of unfavorable weather conditions , they’re able to think quickly on their feet and adjust accordingly. This is half the fun!

Your Practice Gets Better The More You Do It

After your outdoor yoga session ends, you feel accomplished—like you just conquered a 5-mile hike up a mountain. Your muscles are burning, your hands and feet ache from being in Downward-Facing Dog for so long, and you’re covered in scratches from overgrown bushes. But at the end of the day, that’s all part of the grander journey. You get better by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You get to learn about your body’s limitations, which will only encourage you to try harder next time .

Flexibility Isn’t Just For Poses On A Mat

You may have noticed that some yogis bend over backwards when it comes to making yoga accessible for everyone—especially students who suffer from physical disabilities or limitations due to health conditions. There’s a good reason for this! After adjusting your poses to fit your body’s abilities, you quickly learn that the same principles apply to anything in life. If you’re flexible about how you tackle everyday problems , you’ll live a much happier and healthier life overall.

4 Spots Perfect for Outdoor Yoga

1. The beach

When you practice yoga on the beach, it is often easier to focus and feel calm due not only because of its soft sand but also if there are sounds nearby which will distract from your inner peace. This makes this landscape perfect for yogis who want an outdoor activity that doesn’t involve so much physical stress or discomfort while testing their levels spiritually through spiritual practices such as meditation!

2. The balcony

We all want a little bit of sunshine in our lives. And while we may not be able to escape into the great outdoors every day, you can still get that perfect combination: fitness with relaxation- even if it’s just five extra minutes before work each morning! With your balcony or patio as an option for practicing yoga poses like sun salutations (and mug o’ hot tea), plus whatever music sounds best on these days—yoga is sure worth getting outside too.

3. The backyard

You can have a mug of hot tea, perfect playlist and yoga props in just five minutes. It doesn’t take much space on your balcony or patio to get an incredible dose of sunlight with some quiet time for yourself every day!

4. The park

Yoga is a great way to relax and de-stress, but it’s also very popular with children. If you take your teachings in the park or near playground equipment where there is plenty of space for both adults as well as kids (and their parents).


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