5 Quick Tips About Outdoor Yoga

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If you are interested in adding an element of nature to your yoga practice, then outdoor yoga is probably what you are looking for.  Below are five quick tips about outdoor yoga that will help get you started on the right path toward becoming a master yogi!

Set Out On The Right Path

A lot of people don’t go about setting up their own outdoor yoga sessions correctly. You need to make sure you have all of your equipment on hand before trying to proceed with your session; this includes anything from straps and blocks to water and sunscreen.  If you try doing it mid-session, it can be very irritating and frustrating for yourself and any others who may be there.  Make sure everything is ready to go before you start.

Also, don’t forget the most important thing of all, your mat! If you are able to bring your own yoga mat with you then that’s great.  If not, then it is absolutely essential that you have a clean place to lay your yoga mat so that no dirt or debris gets into it whatsoever.  This can cause an array of problems for your skin if not taken care of properly.

Get The Weather Right

As with doing anything outside in nature, weather can play a large role in how successful and fun your outdoor yoga session goes.  It may be sunny out one day when you decide to go outside for yoga but then right before you do it starts to rain.  You can’t just let that stop you from going out and practicing yoga but the last thing you want is to get your new yoga clothes all wet and dirty.  So, it’s a good idea to check the weather before planning on doing an outdoor session so you can plan accordingly or at least have some kind of back up plan if it starts raining while you are out there.

Also, depending on what place in the world you live in, like here in California where I am, sun exposure is another big concern for people who practice yoga outside regularly.  It is absolutely essential that you bring along sunscreen and water because if not then the sun will start to do damage on your skin which can be very dangerous over time.  It can also cause dehydration which is not fun at all and yoga requires a lot of water intake to keep your muscles limber and flexible.

So, with that in mind, make sure you go out there prepared for anything nature throws your way!

Be Mindful Of Other People

If you are using public outdoor space to practice yoga then it’s important to be mindful of others who are around you.  You don’t want to come off as too loud or disruptive because ultimately people will start avoiding the area if they think you are being annoying or disrespectful.  Also, parking on city streets can be difficult so try finding places where more people park just so walking isn’t so difficult.  Lastly, when you are done with your session pick all of your gear up and put it away so when others go to use the same spot they don’t have an obstructed view because someone left their yoga mat laying there.

Stay Safe

While outdoor yoga isn’t any more dangerous than doing it inside, always take proper precautions so that you can enjoy yourself without any potential accidents or injuries happening.  This means making sure you do things like stretch properly before attempting the poses.  Also, if something feels off then stop right away! If your muscles aren’t warmed up enough then that could lead to some serious problems which will not only hinder your workout but be very painful for yourself afterwards.  So always be mindful and careful, that way you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors without any injuries to your body or your ego.

Be Prepared

In many ways, being prepared for outdoor yoga is similar to doing it indoors.  You always want to make sure you have all of the proper equipment ready before starting a session out there in order avoid stopping mid-workout to get things.  It’s also a good idea not to try going outside if the wind is blowing hard or it’s raining because then it could cause some damage to your new yoga mat which would really suck.  Also, depending on where you go, sometimes wildlife can get into your bag so keep an eye on what you bring with you and make sure you clean off your yoga mat when done.  Apart from that, sticking to what you normally do for indoor yoga is a good way of being prepared!



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