Take your practice to the

next level by attending a workshop or special event. These programs allow you to dive deeper into specific aspects of asana, philosophy and community!

A Weekend with Ana Forrest

Date: 04/21/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

April 21st - 23rd. Choose from 5 Workshops or join us for the whole weekend.

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A Week of Bhakti Flow with Rusty Wells

Date: 04/08/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Join Rusty Wells for a week of Special Bhakti Flow Classes. Every Day 9:00-10:45am April 8-15 .

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Your Essential Needs: Identified and Fulfilled

Date: 02/25/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

In this workshop, we will explore our primary needs: Vital force, emotionality, communication style, attraction and expression as these needs comprise the fundamental parts of our personality.

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Special Flow for Parents

Date: 02/26/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Move, Breathe and Sweat your way into better parenting during this 75 minute Group Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with a focus on the experience of parenting young children.

Explore breath and awareness as tools for being even more of the parent you want to be.

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Downtempo Flow

Date: 03/02/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Join Lauren Pisano and DJ Flashflooder for a flow yoga class set to a backdrop of hand-selected downtempo, ambient and experimental music.

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Kids & Family Yoga Workshop

Date: 03/04/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Kids Love Yoga! And this is a unique opportunity to introduce your child to movement and breathing techniques that will leave them feeling calm, centered and happy.

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Arm Balancing Workshop

Date: 03/04/2017 | Location: Union Studio

In this workshop, Alyssa breaks down some of the basic elements of all arm balancing, and leads the class into exploring Crow, SideCrow, Firefly, Flying Pigeon, Flying Lizard, and Grasshopper pose.

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A Flow with Women in Support of Women

Date: 03/10/2017 | Location: Union Studio

A Flow with Women in Support of Women
Donation Workshop

All you need to bring is your mat (or rent one), clothes that make you feel free to move, your good attitude, and your generous, open heart. That's it!

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Hack Your Handstand

Date: 03/11/2017 | Location: Union Studio

Learn the tips, tricks and drills needed to hold yourself up, upside down with Stephanie Ring!

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Candlelight Full Moon Flow & Alchemy

Date: 03/10/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Join us as we share in ceremony and flow under the Full Moon, celebrating the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

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ATTUNE - The Resting Zone Method

Date: 03/17/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Harmonizing Body, Mind and Spirit with Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Date: 03/18/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath-work, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques to create a gentle yet powerful practice designed to bring the body into balance and reduce stress.

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Advance Your Asana Workshop Series with Claire Stetina-Zurbrugg

Date: 03/18/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

Workshops can be taken individually or as a Series. March 18th - Backbending. March 25th - Arm Balances. April 1st - Inversions.

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Yoga 101 for New & Advanced Practitioners

Date: 03/19/2017 | Location: Ocean Studio

This workshop will give students of all levels an opportunity to dive deeper into alignment and body awareness.

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Saturn: Your Hardest Lessons & Greatest Teacher

Date: 03/25/2017 | Location: Union Studio

This workshop will explore our relationship with our fears, struggles and restrictions through Saturn - the planet that represents our hardest lesson in this lifetime.

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