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Yoga Flow Named One of San Francisco’s Top 10 Yoga Studios

MeghanMehanPhotography_YogaFlowSFOcean-092 has named Yoga Flow SF’s Ocean Studio location as one of San Francisco’s top 10 yoga studios! The Culture Trip says of the studio, “Yoga Flow Ocean is a spiritual haven located in one of San Francisco’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods, Ingleside. Housed in a beautiful Spanish style building with high ceilings, the space is… Read more »

Aha Yoga to Become Yoga Flow SF—Here’s the Lowdown


Perched above Union Street in Cow Hollow, Aha Yoga is a true gem of a yoga studio. When you climb the stairs to the second floor, you reach a rather unassuming lobby. But when you enter the main yoga room, with its tall windows looking out into bright green trees, you are transported away from… Read more »

SNews Yoga: Founder Kathleen Holm’s Vision For Creating 400 Million Yogis


Our founder, Kathleen Holm, was recently covered on SNews Yoga’s website as she shared her vision for creating 400 million yogis by year 2020. From the article: You hear so much uproar about how mainstream and watered down yoga is becoming. We want to cast a wider net to attract more people with 400 million… Read more »

Yoga Flow SF Ranked In the Top 20 Yoga Studios In San Francisco


Expertise ran their 2016 review of San Francisco’s yoga studios, and out of 197 studios, Yoga Flow ranked within the top 20. To view the complete list, click here:

YogaFlow SF Featured On The Cover of Mindful Studio


The title of the article is called “A Series of Fortunate Events”, which tells the origin story behind Yoga Flow SF. The article starts off, “Sometimes, things just fall into place as if they are fated to happen.” As the article gets deeper, we also learn about the back story of the founders, Kathleen and… Read more »