Owners Kathleen and Steven Holm have opened Yoga Flow SF, which offers a welcoming, friendly yoga studio for everyone from novice to advanced practitioners. Our speciality is vinaysa flow in an 85 – 90 degree room and we offer the following classes:

  • Flow: Flow classes are designed to be challenging and fast paced. You will sweat and get a great workout!
  • Mellow Flow: Mellow Flow classes are more medatitve and slower paced than flow. These classes are great for all level practitioners.
  • Flow Basics: Flow Basics cover the basics and are great for those brand new to yoga and those who do not want a physically demanding practice.
  • Family Flow: Family Flow is a regular flow class, but the kids are invited! Kids of all ages are intived to participate or not. Parents are responsible for bringing material to entertain their kids (coloring books, etc). This is a regular flow practice. The room is not heated.

Yoga Flow SF is located in one of San Francisco’s most up and coming neighborhoods Ingleside. Our Specialty is vinyasa flow yoga and classes are heated and typically fast paced. Be prepared to get a great workout and have a great time doing it.

We have incredible teachers, FAR Infrared radiant heat, beautiful, light filled practice area and gorgeous hardwood floors.

Yoga Flow SF is conveniently located between I280 and Hwy 1 on Ashton Ave at Ocean and is easily accessed from Balboa Bart station via KT line to Ocean and Dorado Ter.